Smart Cart

Just like any regular cart - but with AI scanner and embedded autopilot

AI product scanner


Optimal route

Recommendation system

Smart Basket

Lightweight, for small purchases and also has an AI scanner

AI product scanner

Case for collector

This is a compact device that tracks collector's location and builds a convient route to bypass the store

Hangs on a belt

Optimal route

In-application map

Automatic data update


With the help of cameras and a neural network the system determines which product has been put in the basket and shows it in mobile app

According to the list of needed products algorithm builds the most convenient and shortest route to the location of these in the store

The cart moves along a given route and accompanies customer in the store. After completing purchases it automatically returns to the starting position

During long-term use the system can specify location of products according to a place and a time product was taken at

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We are already working with largest retail chains in Russia:

Smart cart with autopilot

Smart cart with AI scanner

Smart basket with AI scanner

Case for the collector

Smart basket with AI scanner

Our mission at Automarket is to create a retail that will be profitable for retail chains and convenient for users

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